We have two distinct types of sunglasses available in-store. They are:

  • Casual
  • Sports


Our range of casual sunglasses are provided by Stepper sunglasses.

Stepper sunglasses have been making sunglasses for over 40 years and was originally started by an Optician and a Mechanical Engineer. They have become internationally recoginsed as a manufactuer of good fitting, comfortable eyewear.

We can provide a wide range of styles for men and women alike. These can be used with or without presription lenses.


Our range of sports sunglasses are provided by Bollé.

Bollé have been making the highest quality sunglasses since 1956 and are regarded as making the freshest and most technologically advanced eyewear in the industry.

We can provide different coloured lenses that can help reduce harsh lighting when doing different sports. Having your lenses polarized can eliminate irritating reflective glare and an anti-reflective coating can be put on to reduce eyestrain.

Our range of Bollé can be used with or without prescription.